Specialized Electrical Services

Decoil has the resources, equipment and over 15 years of experience to efficiently deliver the electric service you need. We provide our customers Value, Integrity and Performance, providing them full V.I.P. quality and delivery.

We offer specialized electrical services for property managers, commercial and industrial clients. Such as:

Infrared Scans

Decoil uses infrared scans to make sure your business or property is both safe and efficient. We can find electrical hotspots, mechanical wear, and we can figure out where your building is losing heat from.

Green Energy

Decoil Electric is equipped and trained to make your business a more efficient and environmentally friendly place. There are many changes that can be made to reduce wasted energy which in turn lowers your energy bill.

Hazardous Locations

Decoil electricians are experts at making sure hazardous location are properly and securely wired. Heavy duty protectors make sure that any area that uses ignition or is at risk or a loose spark is properly sealed and keep your company safe.

Lighting Retrofitting

Decoil can help you turn your business or home more efficient by making sure your location is properly retrofitted all while making sure that the government paperwork is handled properly and you receive as much as you can.

Restaurant Renovations

A restaurant renovation is a great way to recreate interest in your restaurants, but if the electrical work is not done correctly then your investment and your business is put at risk.

Office Renovations

Office renovations can make your workplace a more welcoming place that is more conducive to business. It is crucial for the electrical work to be done properly as commercial properties must strictly follow the electrical code.

Heavy Machinery

At Decoil we take care of the electrical infrastructure of any heavy machinery that you have. We service all types of industrial and commercial clients to make sure their heavy machinery has a safe electrical installation and has its electrical parts properly maintained.

Electric Ramp Heating

Industrial ramp heating systems are very important, especially considering Canadian weather. It improves public and employee safety and makes access to buildings a much safer and more efficient.

Data Centre Room Electrical Maintenance

Whether you’re running your own data centre or you’re using it to service others you want to make sure that it is well maintained and that you have the proper contingencies put in place.

Outdoor Industrial Lighting

Outdoor lighting for an industrial environment can be just as important as the indoor. It not only shows your business to the world but it also protects your employees and anyone driving to your warehouse, manufacturing plant, processing mill, etc…

Decoil is a high quality electrical services provider that specializes in:

Commercial electrical services: For offices, department stores, banks, parlors, restaurants, warehouses, garages, etc.
Industrial electric services: Food industry, manufacturing plants, etc
Institutional electrical services: Government, Managed properties, buildings, etc.
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